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Why leather products?

Our leather products are made using 100% full grain leather that is vegetable tanned. This means that the animal hide was tanned using natural products which results in vegetable tanned leather. Through this process you know that you'll end up with one of the best quality leathers possible. 

The benefits of using leather products is that you can have slimmer products while maintaining quality, aesthetics, and durability. As you use the product, the leather will age with use and develop unique features that are specific to the user. A quality leather product will last years and can even be passed down as a family heirloom. 

For our products we use French Chèvre leather that is made in France. This leather has a unique quality in that it is extremely soft but maintains its firmness. This allows our products to have luxurious soft feel while remaining functional. Chèvre leather has been used for years by high end brands.